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There's nothing more priceless but people's love that one can ask for in life. As they say, 'music is the soul of life', love of people does the same for me– it motivates me, pushes me for even better work. 

Still it always gives immense pleasure to anyone on receiving recognition for the work he/she has done. And, I'm no exception. My work has won following awards & accolades in recent years. Behind all these awards, again, I find inspiration from the people around me.

Thank you all!

● One Category Winner and one Highly honoured in FINN 2020 (Festival International Nature   Namur) , International Nature Festival

● Highly honoured in Nature Photographer of the Year 2020.

●Memorial Maria Luisa Photography contest 2020 (30 MML ) Honorable mention in       "Biodiversity" category. 

● Third Prize in Annual inPA  2020 (India Photography Awards)

● Third prize in Sanctuary Asia 2019

● Grand Prize in  Emotion'Ailes 2019 ( France )

● Grand Prize in  Expos photos nature 2019 ( Belgium )

● Second prize and one Special Mention in NIF 2019

● Memorial Maria Luisa Photography contest 2019 (29 MML ) Honorable mention in "The        World of Birds" category. 

● Comedy wildlife photography awards 2018, Highly honoured 

● Finalist in HIPA 2018 open (colour).

● Winner in Pugdundee Safaris Photography Contest 2018 (season 6) in Insects &                      Butterflies  category.

●  First prize in the Wildlife category in Eyewin photography Awards 2018 .

●  Runners-up in Annual inPA  2017 (India Photography Awards)

●  Big Picture (USA) in 'Winged Life' category 2017.

●  Nature's Best Photography Asia 2017.

●  Grand Title winner, CLaW Annual Photography Award 2017.

●  PICTURESQUE 2017 organized by Better Photography magazine.

●  Xposure 2017 International Competition (UAE) in Wildlife category.

●  The National Wildlife Federation (USA) Photo Contest 2017.

●  UNESCO Photo Contest 2016.

● 'Share the View International Photography Contest' organised by Audubon Society of             Greater Denver (USA) 2016.

●  Winner of Nikon India's 'I Am Into the Wild' 2016.

●  'Photographer of the Year' in Nature In Focus 2016.

●  Winner in Animal behaviour category in Nature In Focus 2016.

●  Winner in NNC Gujarat 2016.

●  Winner of inPA (India Photography Awards) in June, July & August 2016.

●  Nature's Best Photography Asia 2015.

●  Winner of Saevus India 'Winter Migrants' contest 2014.

●  Akshaya Patra Annual Photography contest 2014.

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